Rani Partnerships with Pharma

Rani Therapeutics is developing a novel technology platform to convert injectable drugs such as TNF╬▒ inhibitors, interleukin antibodies, basal insulin, GLP-1, Factor VIII, Octreotide, PTH among others into oral pills. Rani currently has pharmaceutical collaborations with Novartis and Shire.

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Rani in the News

Shire is proud to partner with Rani Therapeutics to pioneer the investigation of oral delivery of factor therapy for the hemophilia community. With Shire's in-depth scientific expertise and leadership position in hemophilia and Rani Therapeutics' deep experience in engineering and material science, we are excited by the potential of this partnership to reduce the chronic burden of hemophilia on patients' everyday lives by researching an oral option to deliver FVIII to patients. We strive to provide hemophilia patients with innovative therapies that are effective and do not expose patients to additional risks.

Fritz Scheiflinger, Head of Global Research, Shire