Rani Therapeutics has developed a disruptive technology for the oral delivery of biologics.

Through multiple preclinical and clinical studies, we have demonstrated:

  • High reliability
  • Safety and tolerability in humans
  • Bioavailability comparable to or better than subcutaneous injections

RT-111: Oral Ustekinumab Biosimilar Phase 1 Results

RT-102 Phase 1 Study, Part 2: Repeat Dose Topline Results

The RaniPill Platform:

The Rani platform is capable of delivering orally any payload, including proteins, peptides, and antibodies, to which could help millions of patients fight their disease in a wide range of therapeutic areas.


See how the RaniPill works

Our Mission:

Millions of patients with chronic conditions require biologic drugs that today can only be injected. These injections are painful and inconvenient and often affect both patient compliance and quality of life. Patient aversion to injections has promoted a significant interest in the development of solutions to enable the oral delivery of biologics, and we believe the solution is the RaniPill™ capsule.

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