Our Story

The Pursuit of the
Holy Grail of Drug Delivery.

The concept for Rani was developed by Mir Imran, a prolific medical inventor and entrepreneur who has founded more than twenty life sciences companies.  Rani was established as a company after several years as a research project within InCube Labs, Mir’s multi-disciplinary life sciences lab focused on developing and commercializing breakthrough innovations.  

Our Mission.

Our mission is to improve the lives of millions of patients suffering from chronic conditions by replacing painful injections with an easy and pain free pill.

Why We Do It.

Millions of people must endure painful and inconvenient injections to treat their chronic conditions.  Despite the billions that have been invested by big pharma, there exists no effective oral delivery alternative.

The challenge is that biologics get digested in the GI tract, and pharmaceutical approaches to protect the biologic drug from digestion have failed. As a result, the only option for patients requiring biologics are painful, repetitive injections.

Our Network.

As an InCube company, we have access to knowledge, expertise and resources that allows us to efficiently build our company and execute.

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