Our Technology

Transforming the Market.

Rani’s “robotic” pill incorporates a number of innovations, enabling it to navigate through the stomach and enter the small intestine. The RaniPill capsule goes through a transformation and aligns itself and injects the drug into the intestinal wall.

High Bioavailability

Delivered through the highly vascularized intestinal wall.


No sharp pain receptors in the intestine.

Low Cost of Goods

Lends itself to high volume manufacturing.

Works for Most Drugs

Including therapeutic peptides, proteins, antibodies and nucleotides.

Patient Monitoring and Compliance

With a built-in sensor, patient compliance and monitoring is easily managed.

Strong Patent Position

More than 275 patents & patent applications, with more in progress.

How It Works.

With deep experience in engineering and material science, we designed the Rani Pill capsule to ensure that the drug stays protected within the pill until injected.

The RaniPillcapsule moves through the stomach – where acids typically break down drugs – intact and then reaches the intestine where it delivers the drug into the intestinal wall. The highly vascularized intestinal wall allows the drug to be absorbed rapidly.

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