Rani Technology

No More Painful Injections

Rani's Pill delivers an intestinal injection without exposing the drug to digestive enzymes. The patient takes what appears to be an ordinary capsule, but our "robotic" pill is a sophisticated device which incorporates a number of innovations, enabling it to navigate through the stomach and enter the small intestine. The Rani Pillâ„¢ goes through a transformation and positions itself to inject the drug into the intestinal wall. With deep experience in engineering and material science, we designed the Rani Pillâ„¢ to ensure that the drug stays protected within the pill until injected.

About our Technology

  • Effective - Bioavailability is on par or better than SC injections
  • Painless - No sharp-pain receptors in the intestine renders our resorbable needles painless
  • Efficient absorption - Delivered through the highly vascularized intestinal wall
  • Safe - FDA approved injectable and ingestible materials
  • Works for most drugs - Including small molecules, therapeutic peptides, proteins, antibodies and nucleotides
  • Strong patent position - More than 100 patents & patent applications, with more in progress
  • Low cost of goods - Lends itself to high volume manufacturing